Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and He shall hear my voice.

He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me: for there were many with me.

God shall hear, and afflict them, even he that abided of old. Selah.. Because they have no changes, therefore fear not God (Ps 55).

After having been saved by the Lord God from the dangerous pits, the muddy clay, and his feet set on dry ground; David's testimony is worthy to be embraced:

A. Three (3) times a day will I talk to God (Morning, Noon and Night).

B. He knew by knowledge and experience, God would hear his voice.

C. He knew God delivered him from his battle; not himself. His victory over Goliath, the Lion and the Bear was God just like that!

D. David was not ashamed to cry aloud to the Lord, when overwhelmed by the woes and troubles that are common to Life.

David like other faithful hero's of God showed the world by his faithfulness.  Psalm 23, a very relative message in the Psalms of David's. It expresses a kind interaction  between God and David like a Sheppard and Sheep relationship.  

In short: When we come to know and obey the Lord God like David and others by obedient faith:

A. The Lord is our provider, we have no need to fear and worry.  

B. Like a Good Sheppard He will provide time and opportunity for us relax and meditate on the Word.

C. He restores our soul... not willing that any be lost (vs 3).

D. As David walked in the valley and shadow of death; he had no fear... he learned to trust and obey God.... God continues to provide for His own...

Job said without doubt:

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that He shall stand at the later day upon the earth:

And though after my skin worms destroying this body; yet in my flesh shall I see God (Job 19). In his dying days; Job knew by knowledge, obedient faith and experience God was alive and he was safe in His Care.

Those who knew God over the years as recorded in the annals of Bible History; it's reflected in their verbiage, manner of life, and Faith toward God. They showed up, spoke up, and behaved in full confidence in the Lord God. Even at this brief moment in time; the Words and actions of Father Abraham and all others reverberate in our hearts, minds and souls to the glory of God; and inspire us trust God and move ahead.

All who have come to a sense of maturity in the Christian Faith today: their verbiage, manner of life, undaunted Faith inspire others to show up, speak up, and bear fruit to please God and not man (2 Pet 1:5-8). 

In the midst of joy, pain, hardships, successes,  illness, death, etc. we know to be positive in Jesus because:

A. God makes no mistakes.

B. God's strength made strong in weakness...

C. God is no respecter of persons...all who respect and obey Him belong...

D. I know God will provide...

E. I know God will find away for me...

F. No matter what others think, say, or do; God is in control of my life... not man!


Don't be ashamed to show up, speak up and live up for Jesus... if we deny Him He will do us the same before God (Mk 8:38).