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Parents, Safe Guard Your Children!

The following observations listed below have great merit in my judgment, and I recommend parents to take the same under advisement. Though, many of you may have given some critical thought to providing the best possible environment for your child/children and are doing the same! We applaud you if such is the case, unfortunately, too many children these days seem to be at risk, which just shouldn't’t be! With these and other things in mind, I recommend the following accordingly:

1. Children who live with criticisms learn to condemn!
2. Children who live with hostility learn to fight!
3. Children who live with fear learn to be apprehensive!
4. Children who live with pity learn to feel sorry for who they are.
5. Children who live with jealousy learn to feel guilty.
6. Children who live with encouragement learn to be confident.
7. Children who live with tolerance learn to be patience.
8. Children who live with praise learn to be appreciative.
9. Children who live with acceptance learn to love.
10. Children who live with approval learn to like who they are!
11. Children who live with recognition learn the importance of setting goals!
12. Children who live with fairness learn to practice fair play and justice in life!
13. Children who live with honesty learn the importance of truth and being truthful.
Children who live with a sense of security learn the importance of faith in
in their spirit.
15. Children who live with friendliness learn the importance of being friendly!

Important Guidelines Regarding Childrearing:
1. Children need the best possible parents – Christian parent/parents!
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reason or another. But, encourage them to be the best they can be regardless of whatever limitation they might have.
3. Help them know and understand: for every action there is a reaction, certain rewards and consequences!
4. Permit your child/children to be who they are, and never compare them with their brothers or sisters, or anyone else to be exact!
5. Don’t make promises of any kind you do not plan to keep! (If for reasons beyond your control you cannot keep certain promises, take time out and explain why you are unable to keep your promise)!
6. Remember: Seek to provide an undaunted kind of love toward your child/children at all times! Even when you might be unhappy with their actions for one reason or another!
he above is not meant to be all one should know in being the best possible parent/parents. Rather, a source of encouragement for those desiring to move in that direction. May God bless your parenting skills in such a way that will make a difference!
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Take Time!

To THINK - it is the means to discernment.
To PLAY - it is the secret to perpetual youth.
To be FRIENDLY - it is the road to happiness.
To LOVE - it is a God-given privilege.
To READ - it is a fountain of wisdom.
To PRAY - it is our power source.
To LAUGH - it is the music of the soul.
To GIVE - it is too short a day to be selfish.
To WORK - it is the price of success.
To be THANKFUL - it is an attitude adjuster.
To SERVE - it is the way to greatness.
To OBEY - it is the essential to pleasing God.
To WORSHIP - it is such a privilege.
To REJOICE - it is a joy to be a Christian.
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Attention Mature Adults: Spend some quality time this week with a growing, developing young person inside or outside the congregation. There is a young mind out there who need and desire to be mentored by such a person like you. I am calling upon every mature adult especially, to join in a simple movement that will help to change the world, Mature Adults Nurturing Youth! There is a growing and deserving youth somewhere who possibly, can benefit from our knowledge and experiences. M-A-N-Y through God can get the job done! Please join me in this extraordinary, demanding and sacrificial ministry! (Jet)

A Senior Moment: Three sisters were living together at the ages of 90, 93, and 95. The 95 year old sister decided to go up stairs to take a bath when suddenly, she yelled back down, “hey was I suppose to be getting in the tub or getting out of the tub?”

The 93 year old sister got up to walk upstairs to check on her sister. Suddenly, she stopped on the stairs and asked, “what was I suppose to be doing, going up the stairs or coming down the stairs”?

The 90 year old sister sat there in amazement and said to herself, “I hope I’m not that forgetful when I ‘m their ages!” She said, “I’m going to knock on wood that I’m not that forgetful”. . She then found a piece of wood and knocked on it. Finally, she yelled upstairs to her two sisters, “I’ll be up there to help you two as soon as I see who’s knocking at the door.”

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