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MWCI History

Midwestern Christian Institute: Is a Christian training center, designed to provide its students spiritual and professional guidance in reaching their long or short-term goals in Christian education. Midwestern Christian Institute, provides its students with an innovative Saturday school, concept, to accommodate especially, an opportunity for men and women to get a C*- Christian education who must work full-time and part-time jobs, to support their families and themselves as well. All class studies of course, are structured to challenge the mind and demand a great deal of study and research of all students enrolled.
Midwestern Christian Institute: Is a co-educational institution that provides specialized training for both males and females to work in the Christian ministries of the church respectfully, according to the ordained mandates of God. Men who desire to serve as preachers, church leaders, soul-winning techniques and co-workers with their spouses, or to be good Christian men, husbands, and fathers; MWCI, can be an invaluable resource to you in reaching you desired goals. And women who desire to be Bible school teachers, workshop facilitators, soul-winning specialist or missionary workers in the Lord, co-workers with their spouses, or a good Christian woman, wife and mother; MWCI , can be an invaluable resource to reaching your desired goals. Midwestern Christian Institute is blessed to have an excellent Christian and professional teaching staff that is academically prepared to provide a fundamentally sound educational foundation for our students; that is centered upon New Testament Christianity. They have been blessed to achieve college degrees from the Bachelor, to Doctorate degrees. We encourage all students enroll at Midwestern Christian Institute to work hard and be the best you can be to the glory and honor of the Lord God. We are committed to assisting you in the realization of the same. And those who perhaps, are trying to make up your minds regarding enrolling at MWCI; we are praying in your behalf and hope God will bless you to decide favorably regarding joining us soon!

Dr. James E Thompson, Founder

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