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Bible School Ministry
 Led By: Elder Billy Gantt, Sr.
 Contact Phone: 586-469-0936

Ministry objective is to provide scriptural teaching that will encourage, save and convert souls to the Lord and His church.

This is one of our most important ministries and it speaks for itself. We have a great group of teachers here at North Broadway who dedicates a lot of their time and effort to educating our members. We’ve raise the standards for our teaching staff because we want our members to get the best. A staff member must be faithful in attendance, able to teach and be taught, liberal in giving, set a good example to all with whom he/she may come in contact, familiar with North Broadway's vision, well-groomed, vigilant in duty and on time, kind in speech, willing to sacrifice personal time to the ministry, and must work well with others. In addition, since a teacher's characteristics are directly associated with a ministers (Ephesians 4:11), we hold the teachers to the standards set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. We must always remember that we may be the only example some of the children have of how to live a Christian life. And we must remember that we will be judged heavier because we have taken on this mantle (James 3:1). We always need more teachers.


Nursery Class - ages 2-4

Beginners/Primary Class - age 5-2nd grades

Middlers Class - 3rd-4th grades

Juniors Class - 5th-6th grades

Teens Class - 7th-8th grades

Teen Class 9th-12th grades

New Converts Class

Two Adult Classes on Sunday Morning and one on Wednesday Evening  


The Bible School Ministry of the North Broadway Church of Christ was intricately active long before we were blessed to have church building with class room facilities. During that time period, the early members of the congregation and guest met from house to house for Worship services and Bible Classes. Today, we have classes that meet the needs of all ages from the nursery level to senior citizens. Please join us at your earlies convenience!

A warm welcome will greet you at the North Broadway Church of Christ

 Billy E. Gantt Sr. Elder
 Bible School Superintendent

Dr. Thomas Jake Lee
Bible School Assistant Superintendent



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