Flash: ON   June 18, 2019 

Christian Men Training Class
 Led By: Elder Rodney Ridley

Men’s Training Ministry

This ministry is one of many ministries of the North Broadway Church of Christ, that have been approved by the leadership to Christian young men and adult men as well, to serve worship leaders and in other activities of the congregation. We believe everyone has been given one or more talents or abilities that can be developed to a great degree of proficiency if given the opportunity.

• To help every Christian man to know that they are not too young or too old to develop into greater usefulness for the Lord and His ministry of reconciliation.

• To help every Christian man to be ready/prepared to be a ministering servant in the work, worship, or wherever needed in other activities of the local congregation.

• To help some to do certain things they are already doing as a ministering servant, to move to another level of performance.

• To help every Christian man young or old, to be prepared to do work in the church which you really have no knowledge or intentions at this time; but may very well be sort of thrust upon you through unexpected circumstances in the future.

• Paul, by inspiration warned: “…be ready for every good work” (Titus 3:1).

All Christian men of all ages, who desire to serve, are encouraged to come and share in this important ministry. We believe all who serve, must earn the right to serve through proper training and in an exemplary life before God and man. Please join us!

Roscoe Sulton, Deacon

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