Flash: ON   June 18, 2019 

Mailing/Phone Ministry
 Led By: Deacon Richard Flack
 Contact Phone: 586-465-1861

The Mailing/Phone Ministry, is designed to give encouragement and spiritual uplift to members and non-members of the church who are ill/confined to their homes, hospital or nursing facilities.  Our goal is to serve everyone in need we know about to the glory of God. 

The Ministry's goal is to keep in touch with the lost, encourage the weak, and spiritually up lift the sick and those who have suffered as it relates to death.

Also, this ministry send letters/cards to visitors who attends worship or other church activities, to those who register their names and addresses on guest cards.  We desired to inform every visitor that, we were pleased to have them visit the congregation and encourage them to come again and again.

This ministry started several years ago, we saw the need to try and find ways to better communicate and reach out to those who are members, as well as those who visit from time to time. I believe this ministry continues to be a blessing in a special way.  The positive feed back we get from those who were contacted via Mail, or by Phone is a meaningful testimony accordingly.

Richard Flack Sr.

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